Considering a Local State of Emergency

The City is preparing to declare a State of Local Emergency.

While that sounds scary, it’s no reason to panic. SOLE is a legal tool that allows us to shut down risky establishments, mitigate price gouging & hoarding, and keep our City COVID-safe. We are doing this in order to provide priority and flexibility to our emergency management teams and first responders. In particular this gives us the city extraordinary powers to keep our residents safe and in this case limit the transmission of COVID-19 and help to flatten the curve.

A State of Local Emergency is valid for a period of seven days and must be formally reconsidered prior to extension. The official decision will come from council tomorrow in an emergency meeting. I’m attaching an official BC Emergency Management brief here, it might provide a helpful understandingStay safe, stay strong Vancouver ✊🏽…/guidelines-declaring_a_state…